Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy empowers an individual to take control and manage their life in a healthy adaptive way.  CBT teaches individuals to identify, evaluate, and respond to their dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs.  Utilizing a variety of techniques to change thinking, mood, and behavior are the emphasis of treatment.  Emphasis on the present in a goal oriented and problem focused way is the structure of treatment.  Focus on relapse prevention, collaboration and active participation is encouraged for positive outcomes.

CBT is based on the belief that maladaptive behaviors and distorted thoughts play a role in the development of psychiatric disorders.  Symptoms and associated distress can be reduced by learning new processing skills and coping mechanisms.

CBT is an evidenced based practice for treating a multitude of psychiatric illnesses in a problem focused and action oriented manner such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, tics, OCD, bi-polar, eating disorders, aggression and borderline personality disorder.

CBT focuses on enhancing coping strategies that target problems and patterns with thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and emotion regulation.

CT Healing Center offers individual therapy and CBT support groups