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A safe, supportive environment for the healing of mind and body.

A safe, supportive environment for the healing of mind and body.


One Location To Serve Your Whole Family:
The mission of the center is to build stronger families by being their access point to a variety of services all in one setting. We provide the highest quality of care in the treatment of mental illness and addiction, serving individuals of all ages, backgrounds and gender identities.

Our staff of practitioners specializes in a range of services including psychotherapy, medication management, educational and vocational consultation and group psychotherapy.  All incoming clients will undergo an initial diagnostic assessment to evaluate their needs for treatment. This assessment may include medication management, testing for mental health and substance abuse use disorders, individual, family and couples psychotherapy and case management.

Don't hesitate to call or email us to find out more information. All visits are by appointment only.






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Our Community Opens
Their Hearts  

"The therapist I have been meeting with for over a year now has been extremely tentative to my needs and is very supportive through my ventures. Absolutely wonderful company and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking one on one therapy for their mental health or substance use."

Nick S.

"Ct Healing Center in my opinion is the best in the area. In just one place I was able to have testing done by one clinician, and a medication evaluation done by another. Jennifer and Maryann have been so pleasant and compassionate, a joy to talk to, every appointment I have looked forward to. Very easy access to being able to make appts online, and virtual appts available too. I recommend Ct Healing Center to all, a great experience."

"I've been to a lot of different therapy and psychiatry offices across the country and CT Healing Center definitely has the most kind and professional mental health care providers I have met. If you're wondering if this place is right for you, I would say the biggest pro is they offer EVERYTHING you need to take care of yourself mentally."

Chelsea L.

"I have never met more supportive, kind and caring professionals. Ct healing staff are always there not just for me, but many individuals and families. Thank You!!!!!"

Norma M.

"There is one word to describe this group, and that is AMAZING! They are so understanding, sympathetic and kind. Just talking to these ladies you know that they are the ones for your therapy. I am so glad that I have found the right group to help me with my stress. These ladies are Heaven sent."

Lillian R.

"One of the most comforting places I've visited for therapy support. The entire staff is so nice. My therapist is exceptional. Professional, insightful, supportive. I feel much better having visited regularly over the past year. Thank you everyone at CT Healing Center!"

Colin P.

Cherie L.

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